This page logs important events and milestones in my life, in reverse-chronological order.

Saraswati Puja - Jan 31, 2009 - Dance

I danced to the popular song "Graam Chara Oi Ranga Matir Path" by Rabindranath Tagore at a cultural function at the Argyle Park Recreation Center, Maryland.

2nd Grade Awards

Learning to ride a bike

Here is a video of my neighbor teaching me to ride a bike (look - no training wheels!)

End of First Grade

I made it through first grade! Here are what I got in the final semester.

First day at School

Graduation from Pre-K

After I made my first pizza!

My brother Arnab Tulio Sanyal is born!

Pre-School Diploma


Pre-School Diploma


Third Birthday

My third birthday was celebrated at home. A lot of people were invited. Quite a few of my friends also showed up.

My First Birthday

I celebrated my first birthday in our home. Streamers and balloons were put up by my parents, a candle reading "1" was put on a cake, and my Mom blew out the candle for me, because I was too busy picking up and eating pieces of the cake. About 20 of my parents' friends and relatives sang "Happy Birthday" along with my parents.

My Annaprasan

Literally "putting rice into a child's mouth for the first time", "Anna" means
food, especially boiled rice, and "Prasan" means eating or feeding, and
specifically the first feeding of a child. The ceremony ritualizes the start of a
nursing child's additional solid nourishment from the age of six or seven months.
Traditionally, the feeding is performed by a maternal uncle ("Mama") or a grand
parent. Food includes rice, fish and whatever delicacies the mother sees fit to
feed the baby.

My Annaprasan was held Community Center, which is a couple of blocks down from our residence. A brief Annaprasan ceremony was performed after which lunch was served.

Around 60 guests attended my Annaprasan ceremony.


My dad had mailed the following invitation card to the invitees:


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